I grew up down in Lower Alabama, raised by my paternal grandparents, and a big part of the Southern Baptist Church. Over time, as I got older, I found my own path in all things. I became more the “black sheep” of the family (though I prefer the colorful one), and made my own life as my own person a few hours north near Lake Jordan in Central Alabama.

A mom of two beautiful girls, and other momma to two more children, I have a blessed life. You never know what will find you when you are not looking for anything.

I avid book reader, I can almost always be found with a book in my hand, or an ebook on my electronics. I’m always researching things and writing things down, I cant always find everything I have written on.

Truly a jack of all trades, I am capable of anything I set my mind to, being a co-owner of a small home remodel company with my husband and the Owner of an up and coming Health/Beauty/Natural Remedy business; I always look forward to finding something new to do.

For now, you can find me on here, facebook, and twitter with hopefully much more to come in the future.0E54FED9-03E9-4D6C-A544-5FF233DD5E23