Can’t Think Outside a Non-existent box.

    I have been trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do here for months. I have so many ideas running through my head and many different directions that I didn’t know how to approach this desire to write. Then I realized, that’s my approach, my views on life, whether they are just opinions, researched fact, experiences or anything in between are what makes me, me. I’ve given myself many sleepless nights and migraines trying to determine one specific area to focus on, when to be true to myself, I need to write on it all. It all makes up my very “Non-Neuro typical” life and personality and to omit any of it, is to hide part of who I am.

    So, the big question’s are: What is this blog here for? and What do I hope to accomplish?

What is this blog here for? Well, it’s a safe place for me to write and express myself first and foremost; Secondly, it’s to put a face to a reality a lot of people can relate to in many different situations.

What do I hope to accomplish? I would like to hope I could educate people on some things, to have a better understanding of conditions I have experience with or situations. Also, I want to be a face, as I stated, to many so they know they are not alone, that they will never be alone, and that we have a support system in ourselves; that, as mortal human beings, we have an obligation to each other to be there and help and love each other in whatever capacity we can.

    I have always loved to write, always had so many ideas running through my head both fictional and non-fictional, but I realized that when I got older, started a family, and got busy that I did not write any more, and I was very unhappy and depressed. So this is my attempt to start back doing something I love, about things I love (and sometimes hate); and maybe one day, I can actually have a successful career in writing.



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