We are all unique, there is not a single human being on this Earth that is exactly like another. We tend to forget that as we grow up, focusing on being like someone else, being the perfect wife, the perfect parent, the perfect child, etc. We forget to embrace and celebrate our differences, and instead, condemn each other for them. We all have the answers to everything, and anyone who disagrees is wrong.

I am not typical. I am not normal. Some days, I wonder if  I am human even. I am far from the perfect anything, except imperfect. And I embrace and love that about myself.

I get obsessed on things, I am dramatic, I research and debate tirelessly, and I am set in my ways. But, I always strive to learn something new, maybe not every day, or every week; but often.

I come from a conservative, sheltered, southern baptist home in the deep south. Raised by my grandparents, I was taught how to act like a true Southern Belle. As I got older, I learned that you can’t always be the Belle, but you can’t escape the southern part. Having grown up in the middle of a big city, I’m a country convert having fell in love with the peace and quiet.

I have always loved to write, but as I got older and had a family of my own, I fell out of the habit. I realized how much I missed writing and decided to start this page in an attempt to go back to my first passion.

There is no set topic here. Any thing and everything goes, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.